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Offensive Security Manager
Integration with 

Azure Devops

Azure DevOps, a versatile and robust DevOps platform offered by Microsoft, plays a pivotal role in modern software development and deployment. Its comprehensive suite of tools and services empowers organizations to streamline their development pipelines and accelerate software delivery. In this context, we will explore how the integration of Offensive Security Manager (OSM) with Azure DevOps enhances proactive security protection.

Enhancing Proactive Security Protection with OSM: Azure DevOps, with its focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), is at the forefront of software development. However, in the fast-paced world of DevOps, security cannot be overlooked. OSM, when integrated with Azure DevOps, introduces a new layer of proactive security measures. Here's how Azure DevOps customers can benefit:

Comprehensive Security Assessment

OSM provides a comprehensive security assessment that goes beyond traditional security testing. It thoroughly analyzes code, dependencies, and configurations to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.

Real-Time Threat Insights

The integration with OSM equips security teams with real-time insights into emerging threats and vulnerabilities within the Azure DevOps pipeline. This immediate awareness enables rapid and proactive responses to security risks.

Custom Security Policies

OSM allows organizations to define custom security policies tailored to their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that security practices align with industry regulations and standards.

Automated Vulnerability Remediation

OSM facilitates automated vulnerability remediation processes within the Azure DevOps environment. Security teams can proactively address security issues by automating response actions and mitigation strategies.

Enhanced DevSecOps

The integration of OSM with Azure DevOps strengthens the DevSecOps approach, where security is integrated into every phase of the development lifecycle. This ensures that security is not a bottleneck but an integral part of the pipeline.

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