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Integrate and Manage with OSM

Discover the seamless integration capabilities of the Offensive Security Manager (OSM), designed to effortlessly connect with a multitude of tools and platforms, enhancing your security operations through comprehensive collaboration and data sharing. OSM’s ability to integrate with various systems is pivotal for achieving a unified security strategy across your entire digital landscape.

Achieve Proactive Defense Perfection by OSM Integrations 

Embrace OSM’s integration capabilities to enhance your security posture significantly. With its broad connectivity and robust data orchestration, OSM is an indispensable tool for organizations aiming to strengthen their defense mechanisms and streamline their security operations. - manager-integrations

Offensive Security Manager Integrations

Azure DevOps integration with OSM enhances security in DevOps pipelines with vulnerability detection and continuous security posture maintenance.

Azure Devops

Crowdstrike Falcon and OSM enhance endpoint protection and threat detection with comprehensive security and automated threat mitigation.

Crowdstrike Falcon Platform

Checkmarx DAST and OSM enhance web application security with comprehensive assessments and automated vulnerability remediation.

Checkmarx DAST

Checkmarx SAST and OSM enhance application security with in-depth analysis and automated remediation processes.

Checkmarx SAST

Google Virustotal and OSM enhance security with comprehensive threat intelligence, malware analysis, and automated threat mitigation.

Google Virustotal

Jenkins and OSM boost CI/CD pipeline security with comprehensive analysis, real-time insights, and automated vulnerability detection and remediation.



Github Application Security and OSM bolster Github ecosystem security with code analysis, streamlined vulnerability detection, and automated remediation.

Github Application Security

Checkmarx API Security and OSM offer advanced API security assessment and automated vulnerability remediation for enhanced threat intelligence.

Checkmarx API Security

AbuseCH ThreatFox and OSM offer comprehensive threat intelligence, streamlined detection, and automated threat mitigation for enhanced security measures.

AbuseCH ThreatFox

Recorded Future and OSM strengthen security with comprehensive threat intelligence and automated threat mitigation.

Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud

Atlassian Bamboo and OSM improve CI/CD pipeline security through extensive analysis, real-time insights, and automated vulnerability management.

Atlassian Bamboo

Sonarqube and OSM improve software security with comprehensive analysis, real-time insights, and automated vulnerability remediation.


Checkmarx SSCS and OSM provide comprehensive security content delivery, streamlined vulnerability management, and real-time threat intelligence.

Checkmarx SSCS

Alienvault OTX and OSM improve proactive security with comprehensive threat intelligence, scalable solutions, and automated threat mitigation.

Alienvault OTX

Anomali Attack Surface and OSM improve attack surface visibility, streamline vulnerability assessment, and facilitate automated threat remediation.

Anomali Attack Surface Management

Github Actions and OSM strengthen software development workflows with detailed security analysis and efficient remediation processes.

Github Actions

Checkmarx IaC and OSM strengthen IaC security through comprehensive assessments, real-time threat insights, and automated remediation.

Checkmarx IaC Security

Checkmarx SCA and OSM strengthen software security with open-source component analysis and automated vulnerability remediation solutions.

Checkmarx SCA

Mandiant Threat Intelligence and OSM enrich security measures with comprehensive threat intelligence and automated threat mitigation.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Anomali Threat Stream and OSM enhance access to threat intelligence, streamline detection, and facilitate automated threat remediation.

Anomali Threat Stream

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