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Offensive Security Manager
Integration with 

Opentext Service Manager

In the arena of IT service management and cybersecurity, the integration of comprehensive service management solutions with security platforms is vital. The combination of OSM with Opentext Service Manager, a robust IT service management tool, offers enhanced capabilities for managing security within IT services. This integration is essential for organizations looking to align their IT service management with robust security practices.

Opentext Service Manager Integration with OSM

Streamlined IT Service and Security Management

Integrating Opentext Service Manager with OSM creates a unified platform for managing IT services and security operations. This integration allows for efficient handling of security incidents, requests, and change management within the IT service framework, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of IT service delivery and security management.

Enhanced Incident and Problem Management

The combination of OSM and Opentext Service Manager improves the management of security incidents and problems. It enables the quick identification, tracking, and resolution of security-related issues, ensuring they are addressed promptly and effectively within the IT service management processes.

Better Compliance and Governance

Integrating Opentext Service Manager with OSM aids in achieving and maintaining compliance with various IT service and security standards. This integration ensures that IT services not only meet operational requirements but also adhere to the necessary security and compliance standards.

Improved Reporting and Analytics

This integration enhances the capabilities for reporting and analytics in IT service management. It provides comprehensive insights into security incidents and operations, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning for IT services and security.

Collaborative Workflow between IT and Security Teams

The integration fosters a collaborative workflow between IT service management and security teams. It ensures that security considerations are seamlessly incorporated into IT service management processes, promoting a cohesive approach to managing IT services and security.

Scalable Solution for Evolving IT Service and Security Needs

As the needs of IT service management and security evolve, the integration of Opentext Service Manager with OSM provides a scalable solution. It adapts to changing requirements, ensuring that IT service management remains effective and secure irrespective of the scale or complexity of operations.

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