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Offensive Security Manager
Integration with 

SNYK Infrastructure as Code

As organizations increasingly adopt Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for efficient infrastructure management, integrating security into this paradigm becomes paramount. The combination of OSM with Snyk IaC presents a strategic approach to securing infrastructure configurations. Let's delve into how this integration can revolutionize the way organizations secure their IaC environments.

SYNK Infrastructure as Code Integration with OSM

Enhanced Infrastructure Configuration Security

The integration of Snyk IaC with OSM significantly elevates the security of infrastructure configurations. Snyk IaC's ability to identify vulnerabilities in IaC scripts ensures that potential security issues are detected and remediated early in the infrastructure development process.

Streamlined DevSecOps Workflows

This integration embeds security seamlessly into the infrastructure deployment lifecycle. By automating the security checks within the IaC deployment pipelines, it ensures continuous assessment and improvement of infrastructure configurations, aligning security with DevOps practices.

Comprehensive Risk Management and Compliance

Combining Snyk IaC’s detailed insights with OSM’s comprehensive risk management framework allows for effective prioritization and management of infrastructure-related risks. It also ensures compliance with relevant industry standards, enhancing the governance of infrastructure security.

Real-Time Alerts for Proactive Security Management

The integration provides real-time feedback and alerts about the security health of infrastructure configurations. This enables organizations to respond promptly to vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of misconfigurations and potential breaches.

Collaboration and Governance Across Teams

Integrating Snyk IaC with OSM fosters collaboration between infrastructure, security, and development teams. It promotes a culture of shared responsibility for security, ensuring that best practices are followed throughout the infrastructure development and deployment processes.

Scalable Security for Evolving Infrastructure Needs

As organizations grow and their infrastructure needs evolve, the integration scales to provide robust and adaptable security solutions. This scalability ensures that infrastructure security keeps pace with the changing and expanding IaC environments.

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