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Offensive Security Manager
Integration with 


In the realm of application security, integrating robust testing tools with comprehensive security management platforms is key to ensuring software resilience. The integration of OSM with Fortify, a leading application security testing tool, offers a strategic solution for enhancing application security. Here's how this integration benefits organizations in fortifying their software development lifecycle.

Fortify Integration with OSM

Advanced Application Security Testing

Fortify's strength lies in its comprehensive static and dynamic application security testing capabilities. Integrating Fortify with OSM empowers organizations to conduct thorough security scans, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in applications more effectively and efficiently.

Seamless DevSecOps Incorporation

This integration ensures that application security testing is an integral part of the development process. By embedding Fortify’s security testing within the CI/CD pipelines managed by OSM, organizations can achieve continuous security assessment, enhancing the overall security of their development lifecycle.

Enhanced Vulnerability Management

The combination of Fortify's detailed vulnerability analysis with OSM’s centralized management platform enables effective tracking and remediation of application security issues. This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of application security are covered, from code analysis to runtime protection.

Compliance Assurance and Governance

Integrating Fortify with OSM helps maintain compliance with various industry standards and regulations relevant to application security. Automated compliance checks and governance capabilities ensure that applications adhere to the required security and legal standards.

Improved Collaboration Between Development and Security Teams

The integration fosters a collaborative environment, where security and development teams work together seamlessly. It ensures that security considerations are embedded in the development process, promoting a culture of security-minded development.

Scalable Solution for Application Security

As an organization’s application portfolio grows, the integration of Fortify with OSM scales to meet the increasing security demands. This scalability ensures robust application security solutions, suitable for a range of development environments and application complexities.

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