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Offensive Security Manager
Integration with 

SNYK Container

Integrating Offensive Security Manager (OSM) with Snyk Container brings a range of benefits to customers, particularly in enhancing container security and operational efficiency. This integration provides:

Enhanced Container Security

Snyk Container specializes in identifying vulnerabilities within container images and configurations. The integration with OSM significantly enhances the ability to detect, assess, and manage security risks in containerized environments, ensuring that containers are secure from development to deployment.

Streamlined DevSecOps Workflows

By integrating Snyk Container into OSM, container security becomes an integrated part of the DevSecOps process. This ensures continuous security assessment of containers, automating and simplifying the process of securing containerized applications throughout their lifecycle.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

The combination of Snyk Container’s detailed vulnerability scanning with OSM’s centralized management platform enables comprehensive vulnerability management. This approach ensures that vulnerabilities in container images are identified, tracked, and remediated efficiently.

Improved Compliance and Governance

Integrating Snyk Container with OSM aids in maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. It enables automated compliance checks and governance over container security practices, ensuring that containerized applications adhere to necessary security standards.

Real-Time Security Alerts and Insights

The integration provides real-time alerts and insights into security issues within container environments. This immediate feedback allows organizations to respond quickly to potential threats, reducing the risk of security breaches.

Enhanced Collaboration Between Security and DevOps Teams

This integration fosters a collaborative environment between security and DevOps teams. It ensures that security considerations are seamlessly integrated into the container development and deployment processes, enhancing overall security without impeding operational efficiency.

Scalability for Containerized Application Environments

As the use of containerized applications grows, the integration of OSM with Snyk Container scales to meet increasing security demands. It provides a robust and adaptable solution for container security, suitable for various sizes and complexities of containerized environments.

The integration of OSM with Snyk Container thus enhances the overall security posture of containerized applications, providing comprehensive, real-time security insights and streamlined operations, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of security management in containerized environments.

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